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66 Reviews. Backpack Armor - Spartan Armor Systems™ Flex Fused Core™ IIIA Soft Armor Panel 11" x 14". $139.99. Choose Options. Compare. 4.9 star rating. 58 Reviews. Spartan Armor Systems Armis Level IIIA Multi Curve Plates. $262.49.

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Spartan Armor AR500 Level III Omega Body Armor and Sentinel Swimmer's Plate Carrier Package. Level III+ Body Armor. Like Level IIIA+, III+ isn't an official NIJ rating. However, it's used by some manufacturers to indicate that this armor has the same protective capacity as Level III but can handle extra threats like M855 "green tip" ammo or M193.

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What is Level IIIa body armor? Level IIIA is a type of soft armor. The level IIIA body armor will provide protection from many small arm weapons. The 9 mm, 44 magnums, and just about any other handgun will not be able to cause serious injury to someone that is shot in the chest, while wearing one of these types of body armor.

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Polyethylene Level 3 body armor plates typically weigh between 3 and 3.5 pounds, while steel level III body armor plates weigh anywhere from 7 to 9+ pounds. Ballistics is another key component between the two types of Level 3 armor. While both poly and steel plates will defeat the standard m80 NATO rounds, high velocity threats like the m193 ...

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The Foundation: An ultra-light Level III/RF1 plate.The very lightest in its category: At just 2.44 pounds for a full-cut, multi-curved, 10×12″ plate, the Foundation is a full pound lighter than most of those other plates which are also made primarily of UHMWPE. It is also the thinnest standalone UHMWPE Level III plate available anywhere, at just 0.9″ thick.

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The Level III Body Armor comes in at a whopping 8lbs in the 10″x12″ variation. Spend $25 to upgrade to the 11″x14″ and you are looking at over 10lbs. While that amount of weight is definitely noticeable, it can be compensated for with a well-fitted plate carrier.

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Another popular level is level 3+ body armor which is between the level III and IV ratings. III+ is the hard armor option. If you are looking for a step up from the III+, the IV is your go-to, as it will protect against armor piercing rounds. It withstands up to 30-06 M2ap armor piercing round traveling at a velocity of 2880 ft per second.

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X-LARGE Armor Level: III* This model complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor* Capabilities: Plates are rated to stop a caliber up to a.30cal M2 AP(30-06 black-tip armor-piercing) cartridge and all lesser threats Item Condition: Fully serviceable Shipping: This product will ONLY be shipped to valid US residents.

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In this case, the same goes for body armor. Where .30-06 protection might be a little too much for one operation, simple .44 Magnum protection might not be enough for another. For this reason, Adept Armor features their new modular Storm Body Armor System, allowing you to adapt to the operation.

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Tactical Scorpion Gear offers tactical gear and body armor. Ar500 Level III body armor and the finest military surplus in the USA

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In stock. DFNDR Armor Level IIIX Body Armor - 9.5x12.5. The new and limited production Level III X rifle rated hard armor plates. Independently tested to NIJ protocol and designed with a multi-curve profile to provide an ergonomic and comfortable fitting armor system that is intended to wear against your body all day.

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Body armor is typically split into 2 categories: soft and hard body armor. Choosing between the 2 depends on the type of protection you require. There are also different types of body armor for different levels of protection against different threats. Knowing what you want to be protected against is key to choosing the right body armor for you.

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X-LARGE Armor Level: III* This model complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor* Capabilities: Plates are rated to stop a caliber up to a.30cal M2 AP(30-06 black-tip armor-piercing) cartridge and all lesser threats Item Condition: Fully serviceable Shipping: This product will ONLY be shipped to valid US residents.

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NIJ LEVEL III (High-powered rifle): SOLD AS PAIR ONLY This armor, normally of hard or semirigid construction, protects against 7.62mm full-metal jacketed bullets (US military designation M80) with nominal masses of 9.7 g (150 gr.) impacting at a …

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Your recovery time depends on your fitness level and will to fight. Your body is going to absorb and have to deal with the energy dump of the bullet. I'm pretty sure that just entirely depends on the person. A subreddit to discuss the concealed carrying of …


CATI Armor AR500 Level 3: AR500 Armor Plate is a high hardness (HH) steel used for High Impact Ballistic and Abrasion Resistant (AR) applications. Level 3 is rated for M80 Ball at... Compare. Choose Options.

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The next level of protection is level 3A body armor. This protects against nearly all handgun rounds, including both .357 Sig. and .44 Magnum, which level 2 armor does not protect against. Level 3 body armor offers a more comprehensive range of protection and defends against nearly all handgun rounds as well as 7.62 rifle rounds.

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Level IIIA. Level III. Level IV. Spike Level 1. Spike Level 2. Spike Level 3. Level II and IIIA are soft armor designed to stop pistol rounds, Level III and IV are hard plate armor built to withstand rifle bullets, and the three Spike levels stand up to improvised bladed weapons. Soft armor is constructed by tightly weaving aramid threads, ...

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Vism NIJ Certified Level III 10x12 Ballistic Plate $277.99 (Save 13%) $242.99 Free 2 Day Shipping. 0. 2 models AR500 Armor Level III+ 6x8 Multi-Curve Side Armor Plate As Low As (Save Up to 22%) $69.00 On Sale. 0. 2 models AR500 Armor Level III+ 10x12 ASC Flat Body Armor Plate As Low As (Save Up to $2.00) $119.99.

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Dependable body armor and tactical plate carriers provides a crucial added layer of life-saving protection. When choosing armor, it's important your ballistic protection meets NIJ standard 0101.06. But the equipment also needs to match the level of threat you're likely to face. Body armor comes in different levels.

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Weight: ~8.3 lbs / body plate. Like the Level III armor, this offers even further protection against some of the most devastating rounds like the 30-06 and similar rounds. They also offer different types of Lv IV armor in varying weights. You will begin to see the lighter weight armor costing a lot more in the $300 range (per plate)!

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Maintenance Free. Thickness .25". Designed to be used as a front or back plate. Lightweight. Approximate Weight: 7.5 lb's. Made in the USA. Our Testing Target is a smaller cut from the same material as the Level III Plates. It is an add on item you can order with your plates and test the body armor out for yourself.


All without sacing weight and thickness compared to level III body armor! It's important to note that since Level III+ is a manufacture term, not all level III+ body armor is created equal, or perform on the same level. In some cases, typically with UHMWPE body armor, level III+ simply denotes that the armor will it will defeat 5.56 M855 ...

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Our Level III+ Lightweight ALSC armor is manufactured from AR500 steel and, with a 20-year maintenance-free shelf life due to our proprietary FragLock coating, will outlast ceramic and UHMWPE body armor.

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AR500 Armor Level IV (Ceramic/PE) Body Armor. We start back with the AR500 armor series because they are that good. With two options available, these particular monolithic ceramic and polyethylene armors weigh in at 7.6 or 8.3 pounds. Plus, both are surprisingly affordable, given their capabilities.

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4.4.3 Level II 4.4.4 Level IIIA 4.4.5 Level III 4.4.6 Level IV 4.5 Global Body Armour Market Breakup by Level: Historical Market (2017-2021) & Forecast (2022-2027) 4.5.1 Level I 4.5.2 Level IIA 4.5.3 Level II 4.5.4 Level IIIA 4.5.5 Level III 4.5.6 Level IV 4.6 Global Body Armour Market Breakup by Material

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Level III armor is a hard armor rated for rifle protection. Level III armor is rated to withstand 7.62 mm FMJ (US military M80) rounds with a mass of 147 grains and a velocity of 2780 ft/s. Yes, level III will defeat an AK-47 round. FRAS™ Standalone and ICW. What will a FRAS™ plate stop? FRAS™ is a new level of flexible rifle body armor ...

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This is a steel, Level III+ 10×12 plate with a base coat that boasts a 10% increase in ballistic core hardness over an AR500 plate. That means our level III+ AR550 armor defeats higher velocity threats, such as XM193 and M855, plus M80 NATO and 7.62×39 to name a few. With a core hardness of approximately 545-560 BHN, we have found our ...

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1-48 of 219 results for "bulletproof vest body armor level 3" Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. Best Seller in Paintball Chest Protectors. IDOGEAR Tactical Plates EVA Foam SAPI Plates for Tactical Vest Inner Liner Foam SAPI Shock Plates 2 PCS. 4.2 out of 5 stars 470.

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Traveling with Body Armor Armor is allowed in both checked bags and carry on bags. Straight from the TSA website: "Generally, body armor is allowed in carry-on or checked bags. Can civilians Buy level IV body armor? Civilian body armor also differs in the level of protection it offers, but mainly ranges between level IIA and level III.

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Spartan Armor Systems™ is the leading body armor systems manufacturer and tactical equipment supplier for law enforcement, military personnel, first responders and civilians. We create only the highest quality steel and ceramic bulletproof vest plates and body armor, including Spartan™ Omega™ AR500 Body Armor Level III. And every inch of ...