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Includes: Inner Velcro Liner Belt (1.5") Kore Inner Liner belts are designed to work exclusively with Kore Micro Adjustable Battle Belts Only.They will NOT work with any other battle belt brand. This is because Inner belts are designed to collapse inward, and adjust in unison with Kore outer battle belts, to give you the perfect fit.

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Specifically designed with the shooter in mind. Gone are the days of cumbersome oversized "Battle Belts" and wearing multiple belts to the range. This "inner/outer" belt system features a padded comfortable 1.5 inch inner belt and a 2 inch outer belt with multiple attachment points making it fully customizable.

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This is one of the only battle belts to include an inner belt and outer belt, although the inner belt may not be the most reliable or the strongest. The Grey Ghost Gear UGF belt contains multiple attachment points for a fully customized war belt. It includes a sturdy and rigid hook and loop strips to keep pouches and gear secure and in place.

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Blue Alpha Gear is a small American business in Atlanta, GA that makes high quality products catered to the outdoor and shooting community. We take pride in offering a great value for our products and great service to our customers.All of our products have a Lifetime Warranty and we have Free Shipping on all orders in the U.S.

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Includes: Coyote Battle Belt (1.75"), Black Battle Buckle, Inner Velcro Liner Belt, plus 1 belt keeper, measuring tape, hex wrench & set screws Introducing the World's First Micro Adjustable Battle belt.Kore Battle belts use a hidden track with 20+ sizing points to adjust in small ¼" increments. Now you can loosen your belt 1/2" after a large meal, or tighten it as much as …

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HSGI Inner Belt This belt is a basic inner belt lined with Hook Velcro to mate up with the loop on our COBRA Rigger Belts and belt-mounted TACO. At 1.5" wide, it is compatible with most pant belt loops.®'s. No buckle. Leading edge backed with loop for easy adjustment.

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The inner belt is one you would use as your standard pants belt and when you don your battle belt the Velcro basically keep it in place. Remember, Velcro has two sides; the rougher "hook" side and the softer "loop" side. A lot of the standard belts will likely have the softer "loop" sided Velcro.


ONLY way to interface and be used as an inner/under belt with our standard EDC belts. "HOOK"option. HOOK Velcro is the. These belts are built with very heavy duty SCUBA WEBBING, and very high shear strength hook/loop velcro.

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presumably if your regular pants' belt loops are of the appropriate width (often 1.5" or 1.75") then you could put the battle belt's inner through them. a lot of 2 belt systems come with a shitty inner belt, but inner belts with proper buckles or other methods of staying up do exist.

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Most multi piece belts often comprise of a sleeve and inner belt. The sleeve is where all your molle is and what you attach all your pouches to. If there is a keeper belt, then the sleeve has the corresponding Velcro on the back of it to attach to the keeper.

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If you want a Mollee style battle belt make sure to get one with a Velcro inner belt which will cost a little more, I have a condor that goes in the belt loops and it works for what I need, but go for the version with a riggers buckle (versus the Velcro style) for maximum real estate.

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Battlebelt Gen3. € 49 – € 54. For most gear setups, a battle belt is essential. A proper one should fit you well while having enough space for everything you need on the field. At the same time, it should be sturdy not to tear apart and ideally be available in different colors, allowing you to choose the one that fits your style and ...

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The V1 led the way to the Micro Belt revolution, the V2 brought innovative options to the original design, and now the V3 continues the evolution of the low profile highly versatile battle belts. Lighter and even lower profile than the V1 with both horizontal and vertical molle mounting options. Currently our best selling battle belt.

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Raptor Tactical ODIN belt Mark III. The Odin Mark III is the highest Tier of our Odin Beltline. It's a two-part battle belt system a padded and comfortable velcro inner belt, and an outer belt that with either a large or small COBRA® buckle. The design allows the shooter to maximize the real estate on his molle belt while the inner belt holds ...

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Velcro on the inside of the battle belt works in conjunction with the inner belt that goes into your combat pants. Once the battle belt is attached, it will not move at all. Everybody has experienced this at some point - you make a quick …

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Has an inner velcro belt which goes through your pants belt loops and then the outer battle belt (with a second belt running through it) attaches to it. The advantage to the 2 belt system is that you can run the belt lower which is good if you have a plate carrier and/or a pistol on the belt (makes it easier to draw).

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VTAC Battle Belt: VTAC Skirmish Belt with Underbelt: VTAC RAZE Belt: VTAC Cobra® Belt Our Price: $89.99 . VTAC Battle Belt - Big and Tall Our Price: $139.99 . VTAC Cobra® Belt - Big and Tall Section Our Price: $94.99 . VTAC Cobra® Belt: VTAC Battle Belt - Big and Tall: VTAC Cobra® Belt - Big and Tall:

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I just said I use a 2 piece (Ronin) over outter clothing. You use a padded velcro liner. What was stated is get a 2 piece so you can use it over clothing without an inner belt or with an inner belt for more stability. Its not an either or. Who ever is saying you cant use a 2 piece system over clothes is wrong.

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G-Code's belts provides users a full scope of compatible products designed to better utilize their weapon.

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Inner Velcro Belt 1.75" $20.00. Quick view View Options. Compare Compare Items. Shooter's Belt 1.75" $90.00. Quick view View Options. Compare Compare Items. Belt Mounted Elastic TQ Holder. $15.00. ×. OK. Categories Shop All ...

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Inner Belts. When you need your essential tools and weapons close by, a velcro belt offers convenience and comfort all in one. Security guards, police officers, and civilians can all use a tactical belt to help them perform their best. Keep your equipment readily available with a velcro inner belt from LA Police Gear! Description.

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Tactical Gun Belt MOLLE Battle Belt 1.75" & 1.5" Rigger Heavy Duty Belt. 4.4 out of 5 stars 25. $41.99 $ 41. 99. ... Inner Belt For Tactical Duty Belt with Hook and Loop Lining Black 1.75" 4.2 out of 5 stars 90. ... velcro inner belt tactical belt ...

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you'll be in for a bit if you go with a big padded battle belt, but you can do a Velcro lined inner/outer belt system fairly cheaply, or even an HSGI "Duty Belt" for pouches you could do Kydex or nylon or a mix, I have ANR design kydex pistol mag pouches and HSGI Taco Rifle pouches. a cheap amazon dump pouch, a good med kit and a holster(you can go from a …

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The Pro Heavy Duty Competition Belt can also be used in IDPA competitions by simply removing the inner belt, since IDPA regulations state that an inner belt cannot be used. The inner belt insert is 2 mm thick and the overall thickness is 5 mm made from HDPE extra fiber sheet and Velcro

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The Odin Mark VI is the newest of our Odin belt line. It`s a two-part battle belt system a padded and comfortable velcro inner belt, and an outer belt. The design allows the shooter to maximize the real estate on his MOLLE belt while the inner belt …